How To Play 100 Trials – Basics

100 Trials is a game of strategy and dangerous encounters. This little game is full of characters, weapons, magical skills and loot (items). It pays to take a few minutes to absorb the mechanics of using skills, the menu system and more.

The video to the right illustrates the basics of 100 Trials’ gameplay – showing the kinds of challenges you’ll face and an introduction to moving, taking turns, completing level objectives and unlocking new levels. It also gives a brief glimpse at combat and skills.

A little bit of experience goes a long way in the game. As you become more proficient with skills, weapons and strategy, you will become more efficient at progressing through the game’s individual trials.

Thanks for playing 100 Trials, and have fun!

How To Play 100 Trials – Menu

100 Trials has 100 unique levels, few of which you are likely to complete on your first attempt. The Trials require adapting existing strategies and creating new ones to overcome a specific assortment of monsters and traps.

Part of the fun to completing each level is seeing how the challenges posed by its map, monsters and items work together, but the menu is packed with information that will give you a head start.

Items, monsters, skills, objectives, and bonus goals can all be found within the menu, with in-depth descriptions of each. If ever you are stuck, a big clue to completing a Trial may be found in a monster’s list of abilities, the items you are given, or even the title of the trial.

Be sure to check it out!

How To Play 100 Trials – Skills

100 Trials arms you with items, weapons and projectiles to defeat monsters, but those can only get you so far. With practice, you will come to understand how the special abilities of each character you play as, called Skills, are the most powerful tools you have.

Skills have all sorts of effects. Some deal damage to enemies in different ways, or damage multiple enemies at a time. Others will manipulate the battlefield, placing traps or giving you a better position on the map. Some even create allies by confusing monsters or summoning pets!

Be sure to experiment to find creative and powerful new ways to use skills.

How to Play 100 Trials – Mastery

100 Trials requires more than being able to hit ‘attack’ repeatedly to succeed. So far you’ve seen items, skills, items and weapons can be useful, but understanding how those work together to create larger strategies is how you can demonstrate true mastery of the game.

This video shows one of the game’s early trials, played start-to finish. You can see how the Trials vary each time you attempt them, and how you’ll need to adapt your strategies to be able to master each level.

The most important concept to remember is that monsters are not predictable, so you should not be, either! But a truly skilled master can always plan for success.

Persevere and you will be victorious!