100 Trials Reviews are Gaining Steam!!

We are happy to see that 100 Trials is starting to get some attention with the gaming press.
Touch Arcade, Pocket Gamer, GameZebo, AppSpy and CapsuleComputers have all produced reviews of one type or another in the last few days.

PocketGamer logoWe didn’t anticipate how much reviewers were hoping for a sequel to our well regarded 100 Rogues game. Notwithstanding that fact, they seem to be finding 100 Trials to be fun, engaging, and challenging. Pocket Gamer’s review, by Mike Rose, gives 100 Trials a rating of 9 out of 10, and uses phrases like “pure joy”, “hugely rewarded”, and “extremely satisfying”. Mike’s closing sentence goes right over the top, saying that with this new game that we “in fact managed to improve on their original masterpiece (100 Rogues)”. Sweet! Here’s a link to their review.

GameZebo logoNadia Oxford reviewed the game for GameZebo and gave 100 Trials four stars. She says that “as 100 Trials demonstrates, puzzle-heavy dungeon-crawlers will never go out of style”. Here’s Nadia’s review.

AppSpy logoOver at AppSpy, Andrew Nesvadba gave 100 Trials 4 out of 5 stars. He didn’t find the game as fresh as 100 Rogues, but found that “it packs a punch thanks to its many bite-sized puzzles”. He also felt that the user interface was “elegantly simple” which we were pleased to see him comment on. Here’s his review. Another terrific thing about Andrew’s review is that there is a video version of it, with him playing the game. View it below.

Capsule Computers review

Philip Federico, the editor-in-Chief of Capsule Computers review site in Australia produced a truly extended video that is available below. He really like the game, by the way!
Here’s the link to his YouTube video.

100 Trials is “New and Noteworthy” in the App Store!

New and Noteworthy - 100 trialsWe’re happy to see that 100 Trials has merited a spot in the competitive “New and Noteworthy” area of the iTunes homepage.

Our other game, 100 Rogues, held a spot in this list for weeks when it was first introduced in 2009. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that 100 Trials remains worthy of this designation for a while.

We have categorized 100 Trials as both a Puzzle Game and as aStrategy Game in the classification area of the App Store. We’ll see what the future holds for the game’s getting recognition there in the future.

100 Trials Has Been Submitted

100 Trials temp logo


Wes finished his endless sessions of game testing and pushed our new game to Apple today.

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