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This page outlines the titles and descriptions of each trial.

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1. The First Trial!
Find your way through this maze to a hidden staircase.
2. Race to the stairs!
Fighting monsters is fun, but sometimes its best to run straight to your goal.
3. Explodin’
Robot-fighting is an honored Bandit Hole pastime. Fans say it’s even better when spectators die in a missile explosion.
4. Potion Your Luck
In your Quick Slots along the bottom of the screen are potions that restore your health. Use them wisely!
5. Over the Line
Not only does your gun never run out of bullets, it can launch items incredible distances! Wow!
6. The Right Tool
Thrown items can sometimes break, rendering them unusable. Knowing when to throw things, and what to throw, can win a battle.
7. Assemble the Ensemble
Monsters not only look different, but some are stronger, and others behave differently. Anticipating their actions and prioritizing them accordingly is the key to victory!
8. Skills.
Rogues have Skills to help them survive and kill. Click on your Rogue, then click the “Cloaking Device” Skill icon to become invisible for 10 turns.
9. Skills. Targeted
Some Skills are targeted. Select a skill as before. Then click a glowing red square to choose where to use that skill.
10. Energize!
Skills use energy (the blue bar). When you run out, drink a blue potion so you can use your skills again.
11. The Stone, Stone Kitten
The Stone Kitten has guarded many wonderful secrets for centuries. Find a sword to chuck at it so it’ll break.
12. Assassin Assessment
Assassins are a formidable threat under normal circumstances, but can be absolutely deadly from behind!
13. Knight Flight
Knights are bulky enough that their movement is slowed, but they usually require a lot of damage to kill. Black Knights are even worse!
14. Pointy, Sharp and Nasty
Bone Demons use a Trident that can hit you from two moves away, but is relatively harmless from close range.
15. What a Jerk!
Bullies can’t do much besides push you around, UNLESS they have a dodgeball.
16. Keep Away!
Imagine a game of dodgeball where you’re the only one that can throw overhand. And you have a gun.
17. Droid Rage
Rockets are dangerous, but predictable.
18. Tide of Rats
When out of energy, remember to drink an Energy Potion. Or throw one. Who knows what might happen?
19. All Together Now!
Inside: stabbing, biting, reprehensible ball-flinging.
20. Learn to Aim!
It’s like monkey in the middle, only bleeding is involved.
21. Mausoleum
Life-sized stone statues of monsters? Surely those aren’t dangerous!
22. Hit It Like You Weren’t There
The Cloaking Device was invented by a ninja, a vampire bat, and a cloud of mist whose allegiances remain unknown…
23. Move It, Move It!
Whatever you do, be quick about it!
24. The King
A ruler revealed, ready to revel and return a regal rouse of rallied rodents from redoubt to reign!
25. Fleshy Skulls, to Some
Heads are one of the oddest things in existence.

To learn and share information about playing the Crusader’s series of challenges, visit the individual trial’s forum.Go to the Crusader forums!

26. A Searing Blade
Line up 3 monsters and hit them with Searing Blade. Then, make use of the ability’s armor-reducing Soften debuff to finish them off.
27. Against a Wall
Skills often provide different strategies for different situations. Some strategies use less energy than others, though…
28. Overhealing
Many different strategies can be used to escape from foes using Skills or Items.
29. Smash and Burn
His Holy training allows the Crusader to crack skulls while setting them aflame. Righteous!
30. Take your Time
The green Skip Turn button will force monsters to come to you.
31. S.K. BOOST
Even if they’re blocking your way, kittens can be extremely helpful.
32. Shuffle Board
Jaundice Babies are the worst. Poisonous, strong and they explode when killed. What gives?!
33. Sear-amid
Winning requires patience, planning, and an enormous hammer.
34. Punching Bag
Put those health points to use!
35. Fisticuffs…
… are no fun. Find a weapon.
36. Round Round
Get around these barrels before the Black Knight catches you.
37. The Machinations of Rats
Throughout history, Crusaders have foiled many Rat Organizations before becoming dangerous.
38. The Rules of Martyrin’
It’s much better to make the other guy die for his cause.
39. They’ll be Sorry!
Monsters wouldn’t mess with you if you always carried an axe larger than your head.
40. Lovely Ladies
The Crusader’s Martyrin’ spell is a passive-aggressive approach to dealing with enemies. Emphasis on ‘aggresive’.
41. Exit Strategy
Always have a way out.
42. I Can Take It!
Patience is a (painful) virtue.
43. Back, Beasts!
An expert Rogue will find new ways to use his items, and can manipulate his foes accordingly.
44. Terror Hall
It was once a quiet hallway, until… TERROR!
45. A Great Big Room
This is just like that other time the Crusader murdered a bunch of people in that great big room.
46. Assembly
Whether monsters, followers or lady-folk, the Crusader just loves being surrounded.
47. Toe the Line
Nothing stops the Crusader’s Searing Blade.
48. Disciplined
Know your skills!
49. No Way Out
The only way to survive this challenge is to stay alive through the entire thing.
50. Pillars of Strife
Survive for 100 turns while making the most of your Searing Blade ability.

To learn and share with the 100 Trials playing community regarding the Wizard’s tasks, visit the individual forum threads. Go to the Wizard forums!

51. Death from Above
The Wizard’s Magic Crystals spell deals huge damage to multiple enemies, but requires more energy than any other skill.
52. Closed Loop
Wizards know the Teleport spell, which can get them out of danger in a pinch, and even take them through walls.
53. So Haunty!
When overwhelmed, Confused enemies make great friends.
54. Ow. My Feet. OW, MY FACE
Those sparkly, little, sharp, jagged shards of purple crystal? Those hurt when they are stepped on.
55. Tag Team
Only the Crystal Ball understands the Fairy Wizard’s, anguished, tortured existence… and her need to kill dungeon monsters.
56. Drain ’em
When the Wizard kills a monster with a melee weapon, she gets a bit of energy back.
57. Trial by Fire
The Purify spell will heal and cleanse your soul after these flames incinerate your body.
58. Amefyst
Amafyst’s magic damage is highly effective against magical enemies. Know your foe!
59. Tele-stab!
Daggers deal a ton of extra damage if you are facing the target’s back. Pay attention to the turn counter in this Challenge.
60. Walk on Broken Glass
The Wizard’s Amafyst spell also has the advantage of leaving crystal caltrops. When left by your spell, they do not harm you.
61. Number 10
When luck turns bad, the best strategy to use is all of them together.
62. What Every Wizard Wands
A scary Ghost blocks this level’s exit, which can only be killed with a wand. Now where can you find a wand…?
63. You Can Shoot the Breeze Later
For now, shoot rats, snipers, and anything else that moves.
64. “Nice Souls…
… think I’ll take them”.
65. Weighty Decisions
The advantages of wands and daggers are highly context-sensitive.
66. Get What You Want
Just how important is victory?
67. Lambs
Telestabbing every turn is regarded as a ‘good strategy’ by the majority of people left standing.
68. Attrition
The Wizard is unmatched in her ability to manipulate foes and control a battlefield.
69. Nelly!
Whoa there, evil rats! Where do you think you’re going?
70. Get Legs!
Anything that can run, should.
71. Can’t… rest… Must… rest…
The wizard cannot funnel as much power into her wand attacks when her energy is low.
72. Ready Your Wand
Put your energy to use as effectively as possible.
73. Soak
Fight to the death with your only friend, the crystal ball.
74. A Battle of Wills!
Will the Genie take over the world? Will you survive? We will find out!
75. An Un-Pope-Ular Fellow
The diabolical Dark Pope desecrates dandies with despicable deeds. Dispel his dreadful defenses before dauntlessly deadifying him!

By interacting with others playing the difficult Scoundrel trials, you’ll get some great advice on mastering them.Go to the Scoundrel’s forums!

76. Welcome to Hell!
If a monster is standing next to a wall, the scoundrel’s bow attacks will pin it to the wall for a turn.
77. Leap of Faith
The Skellyman Scoundrel’s dagger can backstab, and her Leap of Faith ability lets her jump behind monsters. Hmm…
78. Let It Wash Over Me
The Skellyman Scoundrel can replenish her health with the blood of her enemies. The ones that bleed, anyway.
79. Slink
After each turn she attacks or skips, the Scoundrel may move without taking a turn.
80. Skewered
Her expert marksmanship also allows the Scoundrel to shoot through multiple enemies with one shot.
81. Lock Bliss? Ding!
The pompous Gold Sniper thinks he has won. Show him fire won’t stand in your way.
82. Knights of Yore
That. Is a large Knight.
83. Boot Camp
There was only one thing these Snipers and Assassin’s hadn’t planned on: being killed.
84. Ghastly Bash
Most terrifying of all is that the Scoundrel dropped her dagger somewhere.
85. Less Mini than Usual…
… and even more able to kill you immediately.
86. A Scorching Arrow
The Scoundrel’s ranged attacks can hit multiple targets in a line!
87. Sleuthin’ Scoundrel
She fights crime!
88. In-Genie-ous & A-Maze-ing
The SPECTRE-cularly evil Genie has ter-ROAR-ized townsfolk! Navig-HATE his LIE-byrinth and stop his dast-HARDLY plot!
89. Made In Mine Town
The Mine Town Blacksmith co. is a sham! Infiltrate the warehouse and bring down its stingy owners.
90. Death Itself!
The Scoundrel has met her match!
91. Bully for you
Even in death, this beautiful Skellyman still had to beat the boys away with a stick.
92. Hiding Something
Unable to trust even her dagger completely, the Scoundrel learned to pickpocket her enemies’ weapons.
93. Not Just a Tassel
The Skelly Vengeance skill can be used after killing monsters with backstabs. Each kill builds up the skill’s power.
94. Vengeance!
“This dagger in my skull…? He was…? MURDERRRRR!”
95. Downright Noxious!
Smoke Bombs are useful for getting out of ultra tight spots, and will poison and confuse monsters.
96. Dramatic Exit
Never look back.
97. Bounce o Rama
Leaping and landing and maiming and stabbing.
98. The Gauntlet
Probably the third most guarded staircase, ever.
99. Assassin!
Do what you were born, murdered and reanimated, to do. Kill Satan’s favorite pet: The Succubus.
100. Satan! Wow!
Struggle not in solitude, but strike simultaneously to slay the savage Satan with certainty, and cease this Hellish sojourn of suffering.