A World of Mystery and Danger…

100 Trials - How to Play video…that’s what we hope you find in 100 Trials, our newest little entry into the App Universe. Our video introduction to the game is linked here, or you can click on the screenshot to the left. It will help you get a visual sense of many basics within 100 Trials.

There are a Dizzying Array of Skills, Weapons and Items in 100 Trials. Each heroic character in the game has his or her own set of magical skills and primary weapons.

Additionally, there is a vast variety of loot that you can encounter during some Trials. Invariably, these items can only do your character good. It is, however, up to you to decide when and how to use them, and which are most important to hold on to. We’ll also outline the game’s menu system. If you’re stuck on a Trial, the Menu is packed with helpful information to help you. Even before you start a level, you can check out the kinds of monsters you’re going to face, the amount of damage and health they have, and any special abilities you need to watch out for.

Each Trial will start you with a basic weapon that will allow you to fight monsters. Often you will come across better weapons you can upgrade to, but it will be up to you to decide if it is worth the risk to acquire them, as they are usually well-guarded. Each player class has one or two weapons they favor, each with different uses and contexts.

xp2742 handgunxp2742 Handgun: Standard issue Dungeoneering Agency firearm. The gun can launch items other than bullets, but that design feature reduces bullet damage beyond close-range. Used By: Dungeoneers.

Bow: Requires Arrows to fire. Arrows hurt more when shot from a bow than when thrown. Who knew? Used By: Scoundrels.

Sword: The truly classic short sword. (Also available in a Wood) It is an ingenious advancement over the modern ‘stick’. The key improvement is the addition of a blade, whose ‘sharpness’ property enables it to pierce, rather than bruise, the armor and flesh of enemies. Used By: Crusaders.

Wand: Unlocks the magic within you. Specifically, the magic within you that shoots stuff from far away. Used By: Wizards.

daggerDagger: A favorite of assassins. Tip: You can backstab from behind! Used by: Wizards and Scoundrels.

Fist: A disciplined crusader must not rely only on his weapon. Use your fist as a last resort. Used By: Crusaders.

axe weapon - 100 TrialsAxe: Used for firewood chopping, monster genocide, decoration. Used By: Crusaders.

Skills are special actions that your character can take outside the standard move / attack actions of combat. The Dungeoneer, Crusader, Wizard and Scoundrel you will play as all have a different set of skills at their disposal. Skills do all sorts of things to help you through combat, from effectively healing to mitigating damage, to dealing damage to monsters directly or summoning familiars to help kill monsters. Each Trial will grant you access to different skills that you will need to make it through, so you will not always have the skills you’ve used previously at your disposal. The Scoundrel and Wizard also have inherent Skills that trigger automatically when different conditions are met, like when a monster is killed or stabbed from behind.

Dungeoneer Skills

Dungeoneers specialize in gadgets and firearms. The Dungeoneering Agency researches advanced tech, with a grant from its future self, commissioned with funds from selling said tech to its past self, who was indebted to its future self after…….

hammer trapHammer Trap: Creates a hammer that will bash any monsters next to it. One hint is that the hammer is particularly useful when your target is backed up to a wall or obstacle. The Hammer also keeps heartier monsters busy for a length of time, affording you an opportunity to sneak by distracted foes.

cloaking deviceCloaking Device: Turns you invisible for a length of time. Most monsters will be unable to target you. Specifically, the technology projects the image of an attractive mate into the psyche of the monster at a distant location, so you can even attack freely without being noticed.

Crusader Skills

Quite an array of prospective magical powers are available to the Crusader, depending on the Trial level. Use them wisely!

healing Crusader skillHealing: Restores lost health. Higher levels heal more and can overheal more efficiently, pushing your health to beyond your max. The Overheal effect is temporary, however, and any excess health automatically reduces by one point per turn until your health is at or under max health again.

holy fires Crusader skillHoly Fires: This magical spell will fry all four adjacent tiles with a holy blaze. The amount of damage the skill deals to each target is multiplied by a factor of the number of targets you hit. Roast one enemy, and you may deal 20 damage. Hit 2 enemies, and each with take 40 damage.

marterin Crusader skillMartyrin’: For the skill’s duration you gain thicker skin, reflect incoming attacks, and even makes opponents forget who or why they’re fighting. The Crusader is, in many ways, a perfect leader with unmatched oratory skills.

searing blade crusader skillSearing Blade: Fires a piercing magical blade that hits multiple enemies in a line. Each enemy will both be hurt, and have their armor magically Softened. Monsters that are Softened will take more damage from attacks in the future.

whack of glory Crusader skillWhack of Glory: Slams an adjacent enemy with a magic hammer, knocking them back. Extra damage inflicted if nowhere to go.

Wizard Skills

The Wizard wields some of the wildest magic in the game. Once you learn each item’s power, you’ll be quite happy with her.

amafyst Wizard skillAmafyst: Fire a flying crystal fist, damaging the target. The Crystal deals magic damage, which deals more damage to ghosts and magic-users, and also creates purple Crystal Caltrops. These Caltrops, unlike red ones, still hurt enemies when stepped on, but they do not hurt the Wizard.

aurasiphon Wizard skillAura Siphon: Passive ability which allows you to restore energy that you have used on skills. This ability couples quite well with Teleport, when enemies can be killed with one backstab.

confuse Wizard skillConfuse: Bewilder a nearby monster, forcing him to turn on his friends. The effect lasts for a number of turns, but can be extended by re-casting the ability. Any new enemies the monster has made in the meantime, though, probably won’t notice when the effect wears off, however.

crystal ball Wizard skillCrystal Ball: Summons a Crystal Ball, who is the only one who really understands the Wizard. He will bludgeon any monsters who come near.

magic crystals Wizard skillMagic Crystals: Large crystals fall from the sky and pulverize a plus-shaped area. The spell will not hurt the Wizard or her allies, if they are caught in the attack, but she cannot target her own location specifically.

purify Wizard skillPurify: Heals the Wizard for a percentage of her total health each turn for a number of turns. Turns in which she is at full health do not count towards the spell’s duration. Purify also cleanses any effects of Poison.

teleport Wizard skillTeleport: Instantly transports the fairy to a selected location.

Scoundrel Skills

The Scoundrel character is designed as a sneaky, stealthy vamp. Her magical skills are probably the most dificult to master, but invoking them results in some of the coolest actions in the game.

blood bask Scoundrel skillBlood Bask: The Skellyman relishes gore so strongly that she regains health from shedding monster blood. Some monsters, like Skeletons, do not bleed and therefor do not restore her health. Backstabs cause the foe to bleed out even further, restoring more of your health.

leap attack Scoundrel skillLeap Attack: Jump over an adjacent enemy’s head and make an attack. The Scoundrel does not take a turn when Leap Attacking, so any monsters she lands adjacent to, including the Leap Attack target, do not get a turn when she lands.

marksman Scoundrel skillMarksman: The Skellyman’s arrows can pierce through multiple targets, damaging each. The last target to be hit will also be pinned to a wall if standing next to one.

pick pocket Scoundrel skillPick-pocket: Attempt to steal an item from an enemy. Some stolen items are more useful than others.

quickstep Scoundrel skillQuick Step: The Scoundrel can move without taking a turn after any non-movement action.

skelly vengeance Scoundrel skillSkelly Vengeance: An eviscerating melee attack that deals higher damage if you first perform backstabs to kill foes. Each backstab increases the damage Skelly Vengeance will do.

smoke bomb Scoundrel skillSmoke Bomb: Anyone shrouded in this bomb’s smoke becomes harder to hit and less accurate. Smoke may confuse monsters.

Often you will begin Trials with a few items in a limited inventory. Each item has unique uses that can help you through combat in a variety of ways. You will also be able to find items as you explore, but you will only be able to carry 4 items at a time. Thankfully, the turn-based nature of 100 Trials leaves you all the time in the world to make the often heart-breaking decision of what to leave behind.

cd Kitten SlayerKitten Slayer: For all of your destruction-of-antediluvian-feline-idol needs, you can do no better than the Kitten Slayer. The Prophecies portend, as Prophecies are wont to do, of a legendary Life Pup that will descend with the legendary Kitten Slayer of Fables, and free the people from the Master Kitten’s tyranny. I think there’s something about a kidnapped princess, too…

Discount Cloaking DeviceDiscount Cloaking Device: An impenetrable cloak of security. After several millions of gold in research, the Dungeoneering Agency has concluded that this is an even more effective infiltration device than their existing Cloaking Device design, with the added perk of being significantly cheaper to make.

Energy PotionEnergy Potion: Infused with hallucinogens. Your consciousness is suspended in time for several days while images of high seas rocked by cool breezes, flying through a clear sky in the early days of Spring, or diligent jaybirds building a nest instill a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Meanwhile microscopic changelings replace fatigued brain tissue. Refreshing! (Note: Explodes if thrown)

Explosive Rune: This rune’s magic is the result of a finely ground incendiary compound and mixed with the requisite 2 cups of love. While the compound need only be placed on a five-foot-square that is the center of the explosion, the inscriber will be able to see its area of effect, once placed. Prepared fresh this morning!

Hand Grenade: Left over from the Hand Grenade Wars. As Adventurers arrived at the battlefield and prepared to do battle with an army of Rogues, a scientific breakthrough was made that rendered grenade technology obsolete: two grenades, bound by a silver adhesive bandage previously only used to repair aqueducts. Thousands of these more primitive models have since dispersed through the world.

Kinetic CludgerbombKinetic Cludgerbomb: Throwing one of these bombs at a Monster will send it flying backwards. The internal compound was accidentally discovered by scientists developing a squeezable stress-relief pouch. Intended stress-relieving effect “exceeds expectations when used against monsters, but poses a defenestration risk to target audience’, according to project lead.

Health Potion: The delicious ‘red’ taste is the blood of adventurers, collected from dungeons by hical horned Jani-Taurs. These are often sold on black markets to vendors for even blacker markets, but none are ever purchased by adventurers that know their ingredients. A vendor named Quabbus has profited handsomely from selling the stuff in unlabeled bottles.

NetNet: Stops monsters dead in their tracks. Wranglin’ competitions have been held to see how long a monster can be held in a net before working their way out, but all nets seem effective for at least 2-3 turns. Ether-soaked PermaNets have been found to be even more effective.

RingRing: Roughly the size of a finger in circumference, rings are made of metal and designed to be worn on fingers. After several centuries of never questioning why that is, a great Wizard decided it would be a good idea to give magical properties. Rings can now be found that restore the wearer’s health and energy over time.

ScrollScroll: Sender: God. Recipient: Crusader. Hey man, The words within this scroll must never be read. Actually, they have not even been written! But they have always existed… Just trust me on this, and please don’t open it. If you ever feel like reading them, just hold the scroll up towards me, and I will boost your strength or something as your reward for not reading them. Xoxo, God”

StaffStaff: Like a magic capacitor, Staffs store mystic energy. The energy has been arranged in patterns that, when activated, travel to the brain and temporarily impart the knowledge and experience of accomplished magicians. The effect is so complete that, for an instant, the power-granting deity of choice mistakes the staff-wielder for the staff-maker, empowering him enough to cast a spell.

Throwing KnifeThrowing Knife: Always check for a seal of quality before buying a set of throwing knives. Packs of 2-3 knives are significantly cheaper and better balanced than Daggers, which amateurs monster-fighters often throw. Be wary! Counterfeit throwing knives have been circulating in underground bazaars of late, forged by a Smith named ‘Shoddy’. Devotees can recognize his mark on sight.

Yellow Potion: This potion combines the effects of health and energy potions into one drinkable brew. The mad alchemist claiming to have designed the potion insists that it was *NOT* designed on opposite day, but has not been seen since to further explain the comment.

Weak Monsters

RatRat: Small, brown, furry, cute. Also mangy, dirty, crazed and fanged.

Bandit: Though just as smelly and dirty, Bandits are only slightly more threatening than rats.

Mystic: Trained to shoot fireballs from the fireball-shooting Order of Fireball Shooters.

Skeleton: Similar in appearance to the Skellyman Race, only less living and mostly harmless.

Rat Master: One way or another, Rat Masters hide a lot of Rats under their robes.

Beetle: Their thick carapace is vulnerable to magic. Some beetles carry potions as a symbol of love and peace.

Sniper: Though not terribly resilient, the trick is catching them. Alternately, throw their arrows back at them.

Lover: He would do anything for you. Really. Need a hot fudge sundae? He’ll get you *TEN* hot fudge sundaes.

Acolyte: Shadowy in intent and in dress. They channel the Pope’s shields from gold plinths.

Inept Assassin: Their choice of Gi color demonstrates their lack of experience.

Stone Kitten: Inscribed on these ancient guardians are the words: “Do Not Smash with Fabled Weaponry”.

Blue Rat: Stronger and heartier than their brown cousins, and occasionally poisonous.

Bat: Unless attacked with a ranged weapon, these bats have a chance to completely avoid your attacks.

Dangerous Monsters

Black Bandit: Similar to Bandits, only they wear dark blue clothing. Tragically, most Black Bandits are colorblind.

Ghost: Most physical attacks deal little enough damage that Ghosts can fully heal each turn.

Ghost Beetle: Highly resistant to physical attacks. As in life, Ghost Beetles can still reduce armor with each attack.

Skeleton Archer: Scholars debate if Skeletons Archers learned their skill before or after death. Most are shot with arrows.

Skybaby: Demonic, flying babies. They pack a powerful, poisonous punch, and can knock you back several tiles.

Knight: While all Knights are exceptionally hard to kill, some are slower and weaker than others.

Assassin: Incredibly dangerous from behind. Also, they can teleport behind you. So that would mean… OH NOOO!

Armored Sniper: A classic over-preparer. While their maille and backup bows are useful, their shot is weak.

Jaundice Baby: More vile than Skybabies, Jaundiced Babies explode when killed. Don’t be standing next to them when they do!

Bone Demon: Equipped with a far-reaching trident, Bone Demons are truly deadly from two tiles away.

Gummi Rat: These rats are sweetened with the life and magical forces extracted from the blood of their prey. So good!

BullyBully: Bullies mostly exist to push you around. When they have a dodgeball, though, they can really hurt!

Ridiculous Monsters

Evil RatEvil Rat: The title of Evil Rat is an anachronism from the long-dead Rat Monarch.

Scary GhostScary Ghost: Can only be killed with a Magic Wand. The horror of it!

Gold SniperGold Sniper: These high-ranking snipers are generally unkillable, and their arrows cannot be recovered.

Evil WizardEvil Wizard: Her red leather garb makes it obvious to most. Beware her Magic Wand of Magic and her Parrying Dagger of Parrying.

HeadHead: Able to shoot beams of fear and pain out of their mouths. These beams can penetrate walls.

Mini SatanMini Satan: Swipes with a fiery cascade of claws that kill with one hit.

Blood KnightBlood Knight: Death made this Knight stronger than the worst demons, but weak to magic.

Hell BatHell Bat: These bats leave a trail of fire in their wake. They are just as difficult to hit as standard Bats.

ViragoVirago: Years of overdieting have taken their toll on this once-beautiful woman’s sanity.

Psycho RatPsycho Rat: It grew in point value so much and so quickly that it drove itself insane with its own inflated sense of self-worth.

Uber Bone DemonUber Bone Demon: Made of other Bone Demons that were melted down and reformed. VERY angry about it.

Black KnightBlack Knight: Extremely threatening! Although most move slowly, one hit from a Black Knight is fatal!

Robot: Robot Fighting League champions occasionally lose their sentience and become mindless killing machines.

RobotGenie: The evil Golden Genie was wished that way by someone even more evil: himself.

Rat KingRat King: When the old Rat Monarch fell, its denizens took nomadic refuge in this wandering, mythical beast.

SuccubusSuccubus: Her exposed skin is hyper-sensitive to vibrations, making her expectionally difficult to sneak up on.

Wall LaserWall-Laser Trap: “Installed” by dungeoneers using Hellstone and Head souls during the first Satan massacre.