100 Trials is now available!

We’re live, folks!

100 Trials is live!It’s been a good few months of designing levels, redesigning them after playtesting, and improving and polishing as much as possible, but 100 Trials has now been released to the public!

For the uninitiated…
100 Trials is an evolution of our first game, 100 Rogues. The game is set in the same universe, where everyone is obsessed with making sure each and every Satan is finally dead (nevermind why), and uses many of the same combat mechanisms. You, and each monster you fight, gets exactly one action per game turn to either move, attack, do nothing, or use a skill. Success means being smart, learning how your opponent thinks, and putting a winning strategy into action.

For our veterans…
100 Trials strives to ramp up the strategic component of 100 Rogues as much as possible. Tougher monsters, more thought-provoking level design, and nearly puzzle-like availability of skills, energy and items will allow you to think and plan your actions in new and exciting ways.

For everyone…
100 Trials is a world filled with bizarre monsters, terrifying puns, hulking abominations and deadly traps. Test your wits against Rat Kings, Black Knights, and Dark Wizards on a quest to find the truth behind the claim: can Satan really be dead?

100 Trials screenshotTo find out, you will need to complete each of the 100 Trials of skill in combat. And, if you want to truly prepare yourself, your skill in each Trial can be graded for true Mastery. Proud that you killed that Dark Pope? Hah! You can brag when you do it in 50 turns!

Be sure to check out our How to Play video for a better look at how the game plays, and check back this week as I upload new videos covering some of the game’s mechanics in greater detail.

And, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by some of the game’s challenges, or want to talk strategy with other players, head over to our forums to discuss the dynamics of individual encounters or Trials.

Thanks, we really hope you enjoy our new game!

Here’s the link to 100 Trials in iTunes – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/100-trials/id498321766?mt=8

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